Piano Final Exam

Quiz Functionality Explained

This final quiz will go in more details about the different quiz and question possibilities (not including assessment style questions).

Quiz Directions:

There will be six questions, each of a different type. At the end of the quiz, there will be a short form to get your thoughts on the quiz. This optional form can be added to either the beginning or end of the quiz.

Result Specifications:
  • 80{d75abe5df1d8b7ee5e204960177f106ac283ee8d656a5e6703824b46c95a98ec} and up: receive a certificate.
  • Between 60{d75abe5df1d8b7ee5e204960177f106ac283ee8d656a5e6703824b46c95a98ec} and 79{d75abe5df1d8b7ee5e204960177f106ac283ee8d656a5e6703824b46c95a98ec}: pass but no certificate awarded.
  • Below 60{d75abe5df1d8b7ee5e204960177f106ac283ee8d656a5e6703824b46c95a98ec}: fail, may retake the quiz.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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